Every semester, each Ramapo dorm must take part in two mandatory fire drills.  Typically, these alarms are scheduled early on in the semester, in order to get them over with.  However, it appears that students are not happy with this low amount of drills.  Requests for more frequent alarms are overwhelming, and Ramapo is doing its best to accommodate students.

The most popularly demanded time slot for these fire drills is somewhere between 4 and 6 a.m. Tons of students claim that the more their sleep is interrupted, the better they feel in the morning.  “I love being woken up at completely ludicrous hours,” junior Elizabeth Leslie explains, “It keeps me on my toes, and creates the perfect bags-under-my-eyes look that I always hope to achieve.”

With more inconveniently timed drills, morale will rise especially for female residents.  Remember that incredibly pretty girl from sociology class who makes you feel inadequate? Don’t worry, with more 5 a.m. alarms, you can see her at her worst. Hopefully, she’ll even have some remnants of drool caked on her face and shirt. You will instantly feel much better about yourself.

In addition to an increase of scheduled drills, Ramapo maintenance will be adjusting the alarms to be much more sensitive.  In case the school mandated drills aren’t enough, alarms will now react to coughing, perfume spraying, showering, singing, deep breathing, and any use of the microwave. Students will get their fill of alarms without the hassle of waiting!

On the night/morning of the latest 5:20 a.m. Laurel fire drill, junior Kendall Peterson tweeted, “Happy fire drill…?” No question needed there, Kendall! It was a very happy fire drill, indeed, and there will be many more for you to look forward to.