With convocation finished, and students off with their families and friends enjoying the moment, it’s time for the big guys to have fun. Tonight, at Level B, President David J. Skorton and convocation speaker and New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg will be hosting an invite-only dance party. The party was not supposed to be publicized and both refused to comment.


A few details we have gathered about the party are that it will be sponsored by Google (surprising), bartenders will be dressed as robots, and if you haven’t guessed it by now, the theme is “futuristic techno swag.” While many will be waiting outside for the chance to meet the mayor, there will also be heavy security detail outside of the club, or whatever you would like to call Level B.

While Mayor Bloomberg will be disappointed that he won’t be able to fist-pump with Vinny, he will at least get to do so with good friend President Skorton. Google sponsoring your party at a school you didn’t even go to, that must be nice.