Every year, seniors at Cornell wonder who will deliver the convocation address at their graduation. Although they will barely remember the words said, it’s the biggest moment of their lives and want to be able to say someone influential shared the moment with them. With New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg speaking at graduation less than a month ago, the Cornell Convocation Committee had to start searching for the Class of 2013’s speaker. On Saturday afternoon, the committee issued a statement regarding their choice.


“It gives us much pleasure and honor to announce that businesswoman Kim Kardashian will be delivering the convocation address for the Class of 2013,” said the statement issued. “Kim has many high qualities and is very business savvy and we truly believe she will leave the graduates with a speech to remember or at least a video to remember.”

Personally, this writer is thrilled with the choice, but others haven’t been to pleased about the decision. “Kim wears fur and I absolutely hate her for it,” said Shriya Kaman, a junior in the ILR school. “Her fur-wearing antics really diminish her as a person in society.”


If people are using fur as a reason to not let Kim speak, then they might as well shut their mouths. She is an amazing actress, philanthropist, funny tv-personality, and witty model. It is very nice to see that Kornell is Keeping Up the Kardashians.