On Saturday, September 22nd, Avicii will be performing at Barton Hall in honor of homecoming weekend.  Cornellians are extremely excited for his performance that night, which was made evident when tickets to the event sold out in a record 35 minutes. Many were upset that they weren’t able to get tickets, but now, they will have another opportunity to watch, and possibly meet, Avicii that same night.


On Sunday, September 2nd, Pixel Lounge announced that they will be hosting him for a post-concert encore on that Saturday night. “We are pleased to announce that Avicii will be performing for 30 minutes, here at Pixel, after his concert in three weeks,” said Peter Fullengartner, the owner of Pixel Lounge. “He is a very talented artist and is very excited to play in a small venue for a change.”


Once this news broke, the always-long line at Pixel started. Amanda Hunter, a sophomore hotelie, is one of those who is already waiting. “I’m going to camp out here for three weeks until I can see Avicii.” When I asked her if three weeks was a little excessive, Hunter replied, “No, I just want to hear him play Levels over and over again for 30 minutes straight.”

With students already waiting in line, you’d better go and wait in it too if you really would like to see him. This is a very rare opportunity and it will indeed be a hectic night. Just a reminder, but you need to be 21 to enter Pixel. If you aren’t, you won’t be let in. Then again, if Levels gets played for more than three minutes,  you may not want to be 21.

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