This year at Apple Fest there was the usual plethora of food stands, apple treats and musical entertainment.

But, in addition there was a performance by a local belly dancing troupe.

I walked by at first, but then found myself drawn back to the bright colors, the shiny gold medallions on their skirts and their bodacious bodies gyrating to the sounds of “Arabian Night.”

I couldn’t walk away. It was slightly traumatizing. Sorry to take away from their talent.

I asked a fellow on-looker what the fuck was going on and they said, “These woman have been doing this for years, they are a local treasure!”

He did not appreciate my obscenity.

The clearly have been doing it for years. The median age of the group was probably 55. I have to admit that I did stay and watch for a good 5 minutes and obviously took a few pictures.

And I would lastly like to applaud these older, bigger, women for doing what they love…..half naked.

As the artist Mika would say…”Big girl you are beautiful.”