The end of the school year is always a great time, from not having work to cupcake parties with your professors, it’s always a happy moment. Unfortunately, there is always that one person that just takes it too far and screws everyone else over. In this case, that guy is junior Martin Solscribe.

On Thursday, May 3rd, Solscribe brought brownies to his last Greek Literature class of the semester to celebrate. “He walked into the classroom and offered them to everybody, including the professor,” said Rita Gabutnik, a sophomore who was also in the class. After 30 minutes of class, everyone knew there was something wrong.

Solscribe has been accused of feeding the class hash brownies, also known as an edible or a marijuana brownie. The evidence piled up against him as students left and right were falling asleep or walking out of class to get to the closest vending machine for food. Professor White, who did not want her real name disclosed, was hit hard by the brownies. She started mouthing jibberish and saying several things like, “Zeus was mowing his carpet, Athena then pole-danced until she shot her free-throws at an arrow.”

This was not the first time a student tried to get a teacher high. Still, it was definitely not something you would expect at an institution like this. Solscribe will remain suspended indefinitely until the university decides to allow him back. Odds are, Professor White was not planning on a wake and bake that Thursday morning.