Summer has started and many students who are staying in Ithaca have been moving into new apartments to get settled in early. That is not the case for freshman Brian Michael Timinsky, who was found by maintenance living in Bailey Hall on Tuesday. Apparently, Timinsky had set up a living quarters in the basement of Bailey Hall for the past two weeks.


When asked why he was doing this, Timinsky said he was just trying to find a place to crash for a couple of weeks before his new lease started. “I’m living in Campus Hill next year, but the tenants aren’t moving out until June 1st, so I needed a place to crash until then.” The maintenance man who walked in on Timinsky thought he was dead, but he was actually just sleeping. There was a TV, a cot, and many stacks of inappropriate magazines next to the cot.  Apparently, he did not get internet service in the basement.

Timinsky is not in any trouble with Cornell, instead the university helped him through his dilemma. He was given a room at the Statler until June 1st so that he had a place to stay until his lease started. So, the moral of the story here is to crash in any on-campus building or facility when you don’t have a place to live because you’ll get a free Statler hotel room out of it.