Over the years, Cornell University has done a lot of research on mice and how they are affected by certain factors. Thousands and thousands of mice are kept by many labs on campus, but in a special area where they will never escape. The word never is very strong, but not always accurate, as 2,500 mice escaped the Schimenti lab over the weekend.

People were shocked when they walked onto Central Campus and were greeted by packs of mice. No one knew where these mice were coming from and if it was a sign that the world was ending. Rest assured, the CU biomedical department found out what the problem was immediately. A glass window in the Schimenti lab had broken, and the mice were able to escape.

It was amazing that the mice were able to escape because the window was 6-feet high on a door. According to lab workers, the mice used boxes to build a ladder to jump out of the window. The mouse who organized this plan was only referred to as Stuart Little.

Cornell is doing its’ best to recover all of these mice. They have been working long and hard all weekend and have recovered 4 of the 2,500 that escaped. Lock your doors, throw away your cheese, and seal all your windows because these mice are more than capable of finding you.