While there are not many Miami Heat fans in Ithaca, especially right now, there was one in Campus Hill during the team’s loss to the Boston Celtics on Tuesday night. Everyone still in the building found out that senior-to-be Martin Majerle was still in Ithaca as soon as the final buzzer ring.


Majerle started screaming and banging on the walls says one neighbor, and that’s when she became alarmed. “He was screaming crazy stuff like F*** me sideways with a pickaxe,” says Sing Cho, Majerle’s neighbor. But Majerle wasn’t done after that.

After the screaming episode/ tantrum, whatever you want to call it, Majerle reportedly ran out and started drawing graffiti all over the walls of the building. “Martin was screaming and crying while drawing a picture of Marilyn Monroe with a number 6 jersey that said Heat,” says Cho. “I was really worried, so I had to call the police.”

CUPD arrived and the police officers were amazed to see a beautiful portrait of Marilyn Monroe on the garbage dumpster. While the police were not Heat fans, they still respected great art and commended him on his skills. No charges were pressed and the art still remains.