Senior week is a time of enjoying some of the last times you’ll be together with all of your friends. Unfortunately for senior Pep Hamburg, he missed one of the seven days completely. The reason, well, he simply got stuck in the toilet for most of Tuesday afternoon. The incident happened at the Catherine Street block party, which will certainly be an unforgettable event for Hamburg.

Pep and his friends were all outside enjoying the party when he had to step inside to go to the bathroom. “I went in and I was a little bit tipsy, so I didn’t even look to see if the seat was down,” said Hamburg. After that, the incident occurred. “I sat down and went right in to the water.”

Hamburg, a heavier built guy, remained “in the water” for five hours until one of his friends discovered him stuck and couldn’t believe what he saw. Asking him why he didn’t call for help, he said he had left his phone on the kitchen table downstairs. After trying to pull him out for 15 minutes, Pep’s friend, who requested his name not be mentioned for privacy matters and the fact that it was embarrassing, had to call the police to get him out.

Firemen arrived soon after and had to detach the toilet from the wall and shut down the plumbing. When Pep was removed, he was covered in the turd he had just delivered. Hamburg is now out of the toilet and enjoying his last week on campus. Needless to say, he is looking forward to graduating and getting away from a campus where he will forever be known as “the guy who got stuck in a toilet.”