In 1865, Ezra Cornell had a vision to found an institution where any person can find instruction in any study. Since then, many big things and interesting facts have come out about the school. This is a list of the Top 10 least-known facts about Cornell University.

10. Cornell was originally called Ezrabius Corpus University. Ezra wanted it to have an academic sound to it. It wasn’t until people started mispronouncing the name that he soon changed it to just Cornell University.


9. Cornell did not originally have Libe Slope or all of the hills. Ezra had them built so that students could get exercise in between classes.


8. In an undisclosed lab on campus, Cornell is in possession of the first real Pikachu. They are keeping it untrained so that it doesn’t evolve into a Raichu.


7. Ithaca was originally the city of Moan, NY. Ezra thought Ithaca sounded better. Moan stood for middle of absolutely nowhere.


6. A.D. White was ACTUALLY Ezra Cornell’s father. Talk about backstabbing.


5. The Titanic was built on West Campus.


4. The Nines was named after the amount of hours it takes for your meal to get to the tables. No one knows why it was made plural.


3. Cornell has Victoria’s actual Secret locked away in one of the underground tunnels.


2. The Dump and Run sale was named after Ezra’s favorite hobby, dumping in people’s backpacks, zipping them, and running away.


1. Vincent Van Gogh was supposed to teach an art class at Ezra’s new university, but then pulled out last minute. Ezra cut his ear off because he said he didn’t ‘listen’ to him.