Believe it or not Trojans, picking your fall classes is right around the corner. If you’re not an engineer and have a couple credits to spare, why not take something completely ridiculous interesting that’ll cushion your GPA at the same time?

After asking the brightest and best around, I’ve compiled some options that might just grant you entry to the Dean’s list next semester. Or… a nomination for an honor society. Those give me the creeps, to be honest. From the arts to PE to GE’s, USC has more than enough options to BS your way to a 3.0.

1. THTR 122: Improvisation and Theatre Games 

I'm not quite sure what's going on here.

Depending on the professor (a source told us De Liso’s the way to go) taking “Improv” at USC can be a breeze. According to the picture above, you get to lie on the floor! While your classmates watch! And… yes. But on a serious note, improv can be the perfect way to get out of your shell whilst bringing up your grades. No one’s going to judge you! It’s improv! Okay, they’ll probably judge you. But screw them. Find your inner weirdo AND get credit for it.

2. MUSC 422: The Beatles, Their Music and Their Times 


No that is not James Lipton – but pretty damn close in the level of amazingness. Possibly one of the easiest/most awesome courses to happen in the history of USC is Professor Bill Biersach’s class on The Beatles. Lovingly referred to as “Beatles” by no one except me, Bill takes you on a magical mystery tour through the history and discography of the greatest band in history. Learn the backstories of all your favorite songs. Watch A Hard Day’s Night and Help! Awkwardly laugh at the TA’s jokes. Tests are multiple choice and all the answers are from powerpoints and readings. Not only did this class’ 4 credits (!!!) boost my GPA, but it gave me a super chill and enjoyable rest from a hard day’s night of GE’s and WRIT 140. Amazing.

Honorable Mention: MUSC 423, Classic Rock: Popular Music of the Sixties and Seventies (2 units) with Biersach. Exactly like Beatles, but more trippy.

3. PHED 124: Walking for Fitness

Stretching for credit.

If you’re like me and desperately need exercise or already exercise regularly, why not get credit for it? “Walking for Fitness” seems like a great opportunity to do so. According to the syllabus, you’ll learn “characteristics of good walking shoes” and “biomechanical changes in gait when walking on different terrain” apart from participating in group… walking. For fitness.

4. ARLT 100: Just Because It Happened to You Doesn’t Make It Interesting: The Art of Autobiography

Someone obviously never got the memo on this class.

Despite having a hilarious and uber-long class title, sources tell me this arts and letters GE is a breeze (then again, what ARLT isn’t?) If you’re a fan of reading famous people’s own thoughts about themselves, I’d say go for it. The worst that can happen is that your autobiography-writing dreams will be crushed upon realizing your life is boring as shit. Nonetheless, a non-stressful GE is always nice in any semester. Though I’m more of a memoir kinda girl myself.

5. DGAF 499: Not Caring About Your GPA

See this lovely stock photo? This could be you! Fall 2012 is offering a new 2 unit class specifically designed for graduating seniors (though open to underclassmen upon D-Clearance). The syllabus for “Not Caring About Your GPA” is chock full of classes spent lying in the sun/contemplating important life decisions. Answer questions such as “do I even like my major?” and “will I ever finish my Oscar-winning screenplay?”