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Article by Lia Woodward
April 23, 2012

Week in Review: You say goodbye, and I say NEWS

Your second-best source for this week’s Daily Trojan headlines. Students can donate excess dining dollars to LA homeless The only catch is that you have to figure out how to actually hold a dining dollar in your hand and describe what it looks like to the human eye.    Betty White discusses new book at... MORE »

Article by rkrieg
April 19, 2012

Course Listing Controversy: Registration Revealed

A scientifically minded person like myself often wonders about the inner workings of this turbulently changing world. For example, how does one double space a word document? Forever a mystery! But today I bring you the greatest mystery of all. And no, it isn’t the reason why people actually choose to sit in the B... MORE »

Article by Becca Grumet
April 5, 2012

5 GPA Boosters For Your Fall Schedule

Believe it or not Trojans, picking your fall classes is right around the corner. If you’re not an engineer and have a couple credits to spare, why not take something completely ridiculous interesting that’ll cushion your GPA at the same time? After asking the brightest and best around, I’ve compiled some options that might just grant you... MORE »

Article by sambo24
April 3, 2012

Class Registration Synonymous with Euthanasia

While other colleges and universities don’t get to enjoy the spice of life that is registering for classes Ramapo-style, students here are treated to Web for Students, a service provided by the mysterious Luminis. It’s simple. You go onto the site, pick out which courses you’d like to register for, click submit, and wait for... MORE »

Picture by Funky DelPueblo
November 17, 2011

Translating the Secret Code of Course Listings

Everyone who’s registered for classes at Wash U knows one thing: the WebSTAC course listing tells you absolutely nothing about the course you are about to take. Or does it? Could there actually be a secret language, giving you insider-information on the courses, simply waiting to be decoded? MORE »

Article by Rud
November 22, 2010

Syracuse Drops All Hard Science Courses

It was reported today that after this semester, Syracuse University will no longer carry “hard science” courses, opting instead to allow students to fulfill the requirement with much softer sciences, such as Earth Science, Astronomy and Pottery. This decision was made after scheduling commenced and the University realized that there were a total of 4... MORE »