Now that Hollywood’s lady of the year has taken home a
statue for a stuffy, serious role, she’s got the leverage to star in what she
wants ““ and, as you may have noticed, that happens to be everything.

In Thor, Your Highness, and No Strings Attached in this year alone, the savvy starlet is also
prepping for the wide release of last year’s Hesher and future projects.

“I was so thrilled to finally work with Ashton!” the actress
and proud new mama Portman beams in an exclusive CB! interview. “I learned so much; I’m proud to think of him as a
mentor, even.”

And she dishes, of Danny McBride ““ “huuuge crush on that fox,
ever since Foot Fist Way. It’s been
my dream since I was a little girl to be eye candy in an anachronistic stoner
comedy with someone like him.”

She feels, at last, she’s built enough cred with roles like “stupid
Nina in stupid Black Swan“ to feed
her creative appetite with whatever her career-palate and role-tongue desire. So
what does the future hold for Natalie? It turns out the roles she’s interested
in include, but are not necessarily limited to: seriously any-grade student
film, your niche video blog, Tyler Perry movies, local car dealership ads, sign
spinner, birthday party clown, and (perhaps when she’s even more distinguished)
Activia commercials.