Fueled by Ramen, the record label behind the soundtrack GIRLS Volume 1: Music from the Original HBO Series, announced today that they will be releasing an album of original spoken word poetry written and performed by none other than Lena Dunham herself.

It comes as no surprise after Dunham signed a $3.7 million book deal for Random House in October and signed on to executive produce yet another HBO show in January. “People kept asking me ‘what’s next?'” Dunham told us. “So, obviously I am, going into, spoken word. I just feel like poets get such a bad rap, and it’s not really bad rapit’s its own art form.”

What can one expect from a Lena Dunham slam poem? CB got an inside look into the titles of the poems on the album after sitting down with the Girls creator in a hip, trendy cafe specifically designed for diners to eat side-by-side with their dogs. We didn’t bring a dog, so we were allowed to borrow one of Jemima Kirke’s.

Dunham pulled out a pink moleskine notebook adorned in Lisa Frank stickers and proceeded to read us some of said titles:

-“I’m Totally Not Being Selfish Right Now” (1:03)
-“Ode to the Expired Activia Yogurt in my Fridge” (2:30)
-“I’m Not Saying I Want Adam Driver to Father my Children (But I Kind of Do)” (39:00)
-“Tiny Assholes: How my Parents Didn’t Pay for my Independent Feature Film” (12:07)
-“So What My Boyfriend Was Gay” (3:05)
-“Shout Out to Other White Girls with Storybook Tattoos” (0:10)

She pointed to the last title on the page. “That last one is actually not so much a poem and just an actual shout out.”

As for what’s next for the 26 year old? “My boyfriend’s band fun. is actually on the same record label,” she said. “So I’ll be going on tour with them, opening up for their sets with some of my poems. Allison Williams is coming, too, to accompany me on the triangle, and Donald Glover– sorry sorry Childish Gambino is going to rap for a little diversity.”

“It’s exciting,” she went on. “People will be able to see another form of my voice. Not me on the show, or me behind the camera, or me on Twitter, or me at an awards show, but me.

The album, titled A Different Side of Me will be released sometime next month on iTunes. Preorder now and receive the exclusive bonus material documentary including never before seen footage of Dunham knitting dog sweaters, perusing Etsy, and searching for yogurt in the back of her fridge.

(Additional material by contributor Lilian Min)