Emory University students and staff set the record for the longest line of tacos by making 260 tacos. What is the importance of holding this record? While at first this record might seem completely irrelevant and incredibly stupid, one has to look deeper to find the two enormous benefits it will have.

First, making the longest line of tacos will boost our U.S. News and World Report ranking. It is almost inevitable that after this victory Emory will be the top-ranked university in the country. Single-digit acceptance rates, Ivy League prestige, massive endowments, and lavish resources can get the top-ranked universities only so far. At some point it comes down to how many tacos they can make. How are Harvard and Yale supposed to keep up with us when they have managed to make a pathetic combined total of only 150? President Wagner can give himself a pat on the back for thinking outside the box to propel Emory to the top of the rankings.

 But being ranked number one next year is not the only benefit of breaking the record for the longest line of tacos. This accomplishment will also increase regional diversity on campus. The combination of this record and the newly built Chipotle in Emory village will ensure increased regional diversity.

Emory students can sit back and watch 260 tacos raise Emory’s ranking and increase its regional diversity.