So you’re stuck on campus for spring break. Don’t fret! (do people use that word anymore?) This is your chance to take advantage of USC’s “one-of-a-kind” location for the ultimate staycation. Yes I just used the term “staycation.”

Here’s some of our ideas:

1. Try every fast food chain on Figueroa.

If you currently live on the smoothies at EVK or Parkside, you’re shit out of luck for spring break. That’s right: dining halls are closed. Use this time to try new things! Figueroa Street has a plethora of extremely unhealthy dining options for your enjoyment ranging from Del Taco to Panda Express to Popeyes. Some are even open 24 hours, like Spudnuts and Subway! Make it an adventure. A 3,000 calorie, diabetes-inducing adventure.
2. Movie night at the University Village 3

Here’s a fun game: think of the worst movie in theaters, and then pay $6 to see it! The UV movie theater is one of the best spots around campus to unwind. From the measly three screens to the ripped up seats and tinny sound quality, you’ll feel such freedom upon realizing it’s perfectly acceptable to yell at the screen, talk on the phone, and provide your own commentary for the film out loud. Anything can happen at the UV!


Seriously. Pedestrianism (and if you think we made that up, google ‘pedestrianism’) will be seriously lacking over break. This is your chance to ride down Trousdale and through campus, free as a bird, with no qualms about hitting stupid people who don’t know how to walk. Every day of spring break will feel like Friday morning with virtually no one on campus. Get out there and claim the streets for yourself!

4. Catch up on Netflix

Are you one of those that has 80 titles backed up on your instant queue? Screw the outdoors! Sit your ass down on the couch right this second. Spring break is the perfect opportunity for maximum laziness. Our recommendations? Mad Men (duh). Breaking Bad (more duh). Get nostalgic and watch 6 seasons of Rugrats or X-Men Evolution. It’s not weird, we promise.

5. Donate clothes to Good Will

How about doing something good over break? The Figueroa Street Good Will branch is in serious need of more bro tanks and Lakers jerseys. You can simultaneously declutter your closet and help people in the process! C’mon, how many bro tanks do you seriously have?

6. Buy new wardrobe at Good Will

As soon as you’ve decluttered, pick up some new threads at Good Will.

7. Plan the trip you’re not on

Bummed out that everyone else is in Cabo? Start planning your own trip! To… somewhere cooler! We vote the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Plan your next spring break and make sure it’s not shitty this time, okay?

8. Sleep

Actually, though. If you’ve got down time during break – just sleep. You probably need and deserve it. Take naps even. How long has it been since you’ve slept multiple times a day? Better yet, eat a huge meal from Figeuroa Street, and then go to sleep.

9. Explore

When you’re not sleeping, explore! Go to Echo Park and laugh at hipsters. Go on a hike (watch for beheaded heads). The beach can be a great place to relax, but watch for seagulls. They are evil, terrible birds that eat your pizza and poop in your hair.

10. Read some CampusBasement

Ahhh, see what we did there? This is a great opportunity to check out all the knee-slapping, crazy-awesome articles written by college students like you. Do it!