Last night at the 84th annual Academy Awards,
everyone got a surprise showing of one former Oscar winner’s appendages. While
presenting the Oscars for Best Original/Adapted Screenplay, Angelia Jolie
popped out her right leg in a dynamic strong woman pose for the entire world to

While this certainly made an impact on everyone and on the
tone of the ceremony itself, there is one person that didn’t find it as dynamic
as everyone else ““ Angelia’s Leg herself.

“It wasn’t a planned thing. We didn’t discuss it before
hand,” AJ’s Leg said at the post-Oscar Governor’s Ball party while she had a
moment away while Ms. Jolie was in the toilet.

“I was nervous the whole night after she picked up her dress
the day before, but I thought, “She’s a smart lady who’s all about women’s
rights. She’s not going to do anything crazy,'” lamented AJ’s Leg after a her
third Mojito. “I feel violated. I felt naked. Actually, I wasnaked. Me and Jennifer Lopez’s boobs feel like we really were

JLo’s boobs were only available for a brief comment between
body shots, “I’m used to this stuff. Jolie’s Leg needs to stop bitching and
embrace this. Who knows, maybe people now will want to do some Salma Hayek
“From Dusk “Til Dawn’ stuff with her.” That was all the comment that was
available before Christopher Plummer came up to take his turn to lick some

After a few more drinks and loosing up a bit, AJ’s Leg finally
loosened up some and even started her own Twitter account (@AngiesRightLeg)
that now has over 18 thousand followers. And she decided to embrace her new
popularity and step out in many places, taking on a new trend “Legbombing.”


And in the end, I think we’re all better off because this