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Students can donate excess dining dollars to LA homeless

The only catch is that you have to figure out how to actually hold a dining dollar in your hand and describe what it looks like to the human eye.


 Betty White discusses new book at Book fair

It’s what any of us would have done in her position.

Dana and David Dornsife are among this year’s honorary degree recipients

It makes perfect sense. Those Dornsifes are SO money. I mean brainy. 

Café 84 to become a dining hall resembling Whole Foods

This all sounds fine and good, but how close will the resemblance be for prices?

Study shows an increase in “pleasure reading” among Californians.


USC bus stops on Ellendale Place not accessible during construction

What do you MEAN we “can’t use them until they’re built”???

Consultants propose designated bike lanes

On the condition that they still be filled with pedestrians for the first year or so just to make the transition less jarring.

USC considers plastic bag ban at campus center

Even a five year old knows what “I’ll think about it” means.

Female professors earn $10,000 less than males, Faculty Affairs says gender plays no role in determining salaries

Men are just more willing to show a little leg, that’s all.

USC considers 16-18 unit limit for registration

Didn’t I JUST say every five year old knows….

USC to construct tram shelters with electronic signs to display when trams will arrive

Construction for the signs is expected to be especially simple, since all of them will perpetually say “Never!”

Matt Barkley says he uses social media to convey his personality, “I like to let fans see a part of me they wouldn’t normally see.”

It’s important to note that in this instance, “personality” is another word for…well use your imagination.

Law school installs new faculty chair

Says faculty with a satisfied bounce, “It’s our comfiest one yet!”

Photo by Grace Talice Lee