Finally. After several weeks in the high 80s to mid 90s, the LA weather forecast not only dropped down to the usual 70s, but predicted scattered thunderstorms with a 50% chance of rain for this Thursday, otherwise known as tomorrow.

“Aw man!” exclaimed some lame guy in Ray Bans next to me upon hearing the news. “My shoes have holes in them! They’re gonna get soaked. And yes I only have one pair of shoes.”

For less lame people with multiple pairs of shoes, this was the best news of the week. For students not originally from SoCal? Rain withdrawal is a real thing. Storms become this thing you thought you hated but actually miss and why the heck would you only have one pair of shoes?

Anyways. For you, lame guy, here is a list of five reasons why rain is super awesome:

1. Puddle Splashing 

Rain = puddles. Puddles = splashing! Do yourself a favor, find your inner Gene Kelly, and splash in some damn puddles, okay? It’ll be so fun (unless you have holes in your shoes). Seriously, look how excited Gene is. He freaking loves puddles. Just don’t do this ever:

Why, Glee? Why?

2. Cute Rain Gear!!!

Because everyone looks like this in a thunderstorm.

 Those $100 rain boots you got last Christmas? That musty, dry umbrella under your bed? Ladies and gents, it is their time. Or, you could be like me and carry around a $10 poncho from Disneyland. Not exactly cute, but effective. 

3. Free Car Wash

This is actually really intense and scary.

If you’re like me, cars never seem to stay clean at ‘SC. The $1 car wash only goes so far and I find myself needing yet another one in a week or so. It took me awhile to understand the judgmental looks I received from the security gate guard at my summer internship. Oops. If only it had rained! Rain? Is free! And it will have your car looking pretty awesome in a pinch.

4. That’s Why They Call It Window Pain

Bella doesn’t even need rain.

If you’re not so much with the happy rain fun times, take tomorrow’s opportunity to get your inner depression on. Failed a midterm? Got mugged? Edward broke up with you? Sit by the window as rain droplets dramatically pour down the glass, put on some Norah Jones, and make the best Kristen Stewart face in the history of ever. Everyone’s got their sad days. Why not have yours in the rain? Add a sad book or movie to the mix and you’ve got kind of a cozy day (in a depressing one-pair-of-shoes kind of way).

5. Higher Chance of Romance

Let’s face it. Crazy things happen in the rain like… love! And romance! And kissing, or something. At least that’s what several couples have told me. Take a look at the facts:


Um. Yeah. Well, this whole romance idea must have some validity, right? Rain is sexy. Or something. I’m pretty sure when I get caught in the rain and look disheveled and soaked and freezing everyone is instantly attracted to me. See if it works for you! Although I wouldn’t recommend the whole upside-down thing. It looks dangerous.

Also, disclaimer. If the weather report is off tomorrow? It’s cuz it came from this girl:

Have an awesome rainy Thursday, ‘SC!

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