Returning students to USC were not happy to find their favorite overpriced food court no longer accessible without a meal plan. With Jamba Juice, Daphne’s, and Wok Bar merely legend to current freshmen, the rest of the student body is in a constant state of mourning.

“I will never get a free boost ever again,” a junior cried outside the Lyon Center. “Did anyone ever think about that?!”

Cafe 84, now a swanky renovated dining hall, has been getting rave reviews from freshmen and those willing to pay top dollar for all-you-can-eat ice cream and salad. But what about those who just want a falafel or a delicious smoothie?

One student has the answer. Sebby Leo (Psychology ‘15) stood outside Tommy Trojan for nine hours last Thursday in an effort to gain support for the return of the Cafe 84 restaurants. Sebby and her team held signs stating: “Sushi > Freshmen” and “We Won’t Wok Away!”

To compromise with the new dining hall, Leo and her petitioners call for yet another dining establishment appropriately titled “Cafe 85.” They have high hopes for such a magical place.

“‘85 would be the next generation of food court,” she told us. “There would be sushi and Jamba and Wok Bar, but also water slides. Bounce houses. Constant screenings of the 1996 hit Space Jam. And the best part? No one would ever be turned away for not having a meal plan.”

Only time will tell if Cafe 85 indeed becomes a reality, but until then, students can dream.