II. The sequel to the widely-successful 1998 military science fiction
game, Starcraft. Employing real time strategy and targeted to college
age demographics, this game accomplishes it all: awesome graphics,
competitive game scenarios, intimidating
yet oddly catchy computer-generated voice loops, and the new spike of
bromances across universities everywhere.

While the game can be played single-player, duos across the campus are
springing up and confronting the Starcraft forces together. And though
ladies do enjoy the game as well, very mathematically-based and
well-researched statistics indicate that most of these
gaming partnerships are male.

“I haven’t seen my boyfriend in several days…maybe even a week?,”
senior Alyssa Adams says. “At first, y’know, I got kind of worried? Like
why isn’t he picking up my calls, texts, etc…and then I finally just
got a few sporadic texts reading things like
‘Plaini subparat…’ which I figured out was just him trying to say ‘Playing Starcraft’ without looking at his phone. This is worse than when Call
of Duty came out…”

Adams says she once went over to surprise her boyfriend at his apartment
but he was too busy, absorbed in the game with his Starcraft

“I could have stripped in front of them both and neither would have noticed,” says Adams.