I. am. sick.

I’m a mess.

like dead. Thanks to stupid Halloween (kidding, it was amazing). I once had walking pneumonia so anytime i get sick, like even a cold, its a shitshow. That means im putting down the dairy and picking up the OJ…. i HATE oj (simpson?).

BUT! In my time of poor health I still need to lay down some music for you for being SUCH good readers im giving you a gift (psht, like i dont already)

*coughing and sneezing fit*

So here it is for: Cudis new album Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager said to drop in 5 days (yeah like THAT wouldnt have gotten leaked asap)
Remember that time a few weeks ago when i commented on how much my obsession has grown? yeah. I think it just peaked. In an interview Cudi also said that he was starting to move away from rap and go into more of a rock style, which is fine because as you saw on his song “Erase me”, hes really not that bad. and if thats his first attempt, I only see really good things coming from him. And hey, if he sucks or realizes its not what he wants? he can just go back to being dirty at rapping, no harm done. everyones allowed to experiment. alright. I love this album. theres nothing really else I can say about it. Check it out yourself.

heres whats next on the list:

Katy Perrys newest song Firework made its way to my ears 2 weekends ago. I have always been a fan of Ms. Perry and have always appreciated her music. Whether it was scandalous like I kissed a girl, or Waking up in vegas, or cute like Teenage Dream and California Girls, ive always had a soft spot for her.  At first when I heard the first two lines “Do you ever feel, like a plastic bag” my first thought was ….shit another crappy cliche song. I thought you were better than that Kate. As the song went on, I started to remember why I loved her in the firs place: her ability to belt out some serious notes. The whole chorus is sick. After that, the song was stuck in my head for days.
What really did me over was her music video that was shown to me on monday. Let me just tell you, this woman knows her inspirational shit. aside from the fact that in parts of the video everyone looks like robots whos internal computer system started malfunctioning, sparking and eventually com-busting, I understand the meaning behind it. Pairing that video with tht song, it created a killer hit. She absolutely redeemed herself from her California Girls video (puke my guts out) and brought my attitude of her from “well done”, to “fuck yeah”

Heres the video:

Fuck yeah, Katy Perry.

oh BTDubbs, heres the song if you want it(the song will be there within the day but my dummy gmail is being lame. itll happens i promise)

alright, Im going to go plunge into my bed with my tissues, watch Mulan and Goodburger and maybe do my MAX 123 assignment while my room mate silently judges my slacker-ness.