After the Kutztown(where the hell is this college) game, we can’t help but be excited for the upcoming SU basketball season! The Post Standard interviewed some of the players after the game, and I must say our team can definitely play basketball, but will not be making the Dean’s List anytime soon…

It starts off with Fab Melo, who can’t speak english. Well, he can, but its not his native tongue, so he sounds kinda funny. He also is very happy and laughing at every question the reporters asked him. Either way, he’s gonna rock the court this year – hoping he’ll be the star recruit he’s made out to be.


And then, 0:41 seconds in and I think we see Scoop Jardine’s ass. Nice.

After a few members of the team spoke about their strategy and excitement for the year, along came C.J. Fair expressing the true basketball team sentiment. “We all look good as a team. I think coach [Boeheim]”¦ well he probably uh.. he’s never impressed with us.”

Boeheim was quoted later saying, “The team is shit. Go to bed!”

Syracuse vs. Kutztown St. Basketball: Orange Locker Room