North Face and Uggs consumers of the Hill area can rest easy as J.
Michael’s Shoes has moved into part of Marshall Square Mall – because if
there is one franchise in the Marhsall St area capable of acquiring
already-occupied space, it’s Marshall
St’s store of over-priced clothing.

J. Michael’s had to close after a water main under Marshall St broke
several weeks ago. The break caused both J. Michael’s and Starbucks to
close but while Starbucks reopened several days later, J. Michael’s was
forced to move out temporarily due to the near
10 ft of water in its basement. Update: Marshall St is still a fucking
mess parking-wise.

Nonetheless, J. Michael’s persevered! The store didn’t waste any time in
its relocation to share part of Follet’s space, because at the end of
the day what’s more important – books or Vera Bradley?

Current shoppers in the new location only commented that the new space is okay but just “too small” for their shopping needs.