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Article by eeeeeeeee2
February 6, 2012

A Breakdown of Winter Weather Habits

This Syracusean winter (or lack thereof) has certainly been weird to say the least. No snow on the ground and warm, sunny days in February? Nice try, 315, cut the shit. While we’re sure these are the early signs of the 2012 apocalypse, in your remaining time before the world ends, find out what your... MORE »

Article by Sdolph2
October 28, 2011

Bryant Bans North Face Jackets, Citing Lack of Diversity

Bryant University is set to ban North face sweatshirts, effective November, 1st, 2011, in an effort to promote diversity. The Dean of students says that “this move will help to distinguish Bryant students from one another”. This action is a result of a recent report by the Diversity, Inclusiveness, Community, and Knowledge committee. The D.I.C.K.... MORE »

Article by eeeeeeeee2
February 10, 2011

J Michaels moves into Follet’s space

North Face and Uggs consumers of the Hill area can rest easy as J. Michael’s Shoes has moved into part of Marshall Square Mall – because if there is one franchise in the Marhsall St area capable of acquiring already-occupied space, it’s Marshall St’s store of over-priced clothing. J. Michael’s had to close after a... MORE »