In light of the recent Daily Orange article which revealed SU
Chancellor’s (among university presidents’) salary, students across the
Syracuse campus seemed to feel a collective awakening.

“Why am I majoring in Psych? I clearly should be majoring in Chancellor…ism,” says senior psychology major Cody Douglas.

“Seriously, like, my job won’t make me money – I need to become a
college president!…I’m not really sure how to do that…” says
sophomore Victoria Hart.

Nonetheless, hundreds of students responded to the article by
immediately questioning their college’s administration to determine what
they should major in to become private university presidents.

“We received a huge influx of students,” says Arts and Sciences Recorder
Lilly Duvall. “The line was unending, with each student saying he or
she wanted to be Chancellor. In my ten years of working here, I really
never anticipated students saying that…”

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