In a shocking turn of events, the Daily Orange published a comic that was deemed “actually not that bad” by a majority of readers. 

Students and faculty alike opened the Syracuse University student newspaper to find a comics section with a “gleam of mildly funny in a big pile of not-funny dog shit,” as one student characterized the strip. 
“Normally the rhino dump that they call comics makes me want to throttle small mammals, but this one I kind of laughed at, it was clever.” 
Despite positive feedback from readers, Daily Orange spokesman Rita Ellsbury said that there would not be more poignant social satire forthcoming from the DO comics. 
“For decades, the Daily Orange has prided itself on putting out a comic section that is not worth the paper it is printed on. We are steeped in tradition, and those traditions will not be broken now. This is an oversight that will be corrected as soon as possible,” Ellsbury said. 
Though the SU campus was stunned as a whole, it was short-lived. When asked what the comic was about, student Roy Howard said, “Well, in the first panel, there was like this elephant…and…yeah I don’t really remember, I got a laugh out of it though.” 
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