5. Syracuse Residents Party Happily with University Students.
If you ever throw a party at your house, God bless those of you dumb enough to do so, like myself, make sure you screen the guests. Once the townies start to flock in you are likely to be missing anything and everything ranging from Laptops, Ipods, to a lamp shaped like a pair of female legs”¦.. (Still keeping my eye out for you bastard!) Is it sad that our house was more upset about the loss of the lamp instead of a laptop?

4. Students Stop Using the Graveyard behind Day Hall to Smoke Pot.
Hell I didn’t even smoke freshman year and I knew it was the easiest place to go to. I think DPS just drives by and waves to the stoners thinking how nice that the student’s are reaching out to the local community cleaning up around gravesites. If that doesn’t work as an excuse you can always say you are doing your ANT145 project taking etchings of the gravestones. The fact that you only have rolling papers on you inconsequential at this point.

3. Jim Boeheim Retires.
This title better not be printed”¦ ever. Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if the Biology and Chemistry departments were working on the secret of immortality just for this man; that or he is a robot from the future. I mean come on look at him! Don’t you think it’s a little strange the man still looks the same as he did when he started coaching? That’s what I thought. It’s ok Robo Boe, I won’t tell a soul. You just keep that 2-3 zone working for us or I’m telling John Connor.

2. Construction has stopped across campus.
Let’s face it after four years of walking around chain-link fences to get from class to class it almost feels like home. I mean what is more comforting than a metal wire maze funneling students around campus.

1. Syracuse Football Wins the BCS”¦..
This one really should be self explanatory. If not, well, see the past seasons and then look at Alabama this year. That’s like me playing King James one on one in basketball.

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