Thanksgiving Break is finally upon
us, it is a time for Syracuse students to go home for a week and recover. We
all appreciate the opportunity to eat something other than ramen noodles, do
laundry for the second time this semester, visit our middle school ex’s, and if
we have time see our families. But nobody is going to appreciate and make the
most of the time we have off than freshman Stevie Andrews.

his Sadler floor mates Stevie refuses to take a shower completely naked because
of his fear of, wandering judgmental eyes.
“I don’t want anyone to see me in my birthday suit and start to compare my body
parts”, said Stevie. So for the past three months Stevie has only taken showers
with a bathing suit on. Because of this phobia, Stevie has had to adjust to
college life differently than most freshmen. He has had to hold himself from
doing any activates that would make him sweat, while setting the record for
most sticks of deodorant used in one semester. All in an effort to help combat
to say in nicest terms the excruciating bad smell.

smell has even gotten so bad that it has been the topic of discussion at floor
meetings.  “I don’t know where the
smell is coming from but it’s like these kids have no concern for public safety.”
said the R.A. on duty.

recently caught up with Stevie’s roommate who noticed the smell a few weeks
back but like the rest of the floor had no idea about where it was coming from
or about Stevie’s bathroom ritual. I asked him what Stevie’s hygiene were like
and he responded “Now, that I think about it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen
Stevie walking across the hallway to take a shower”.

nobody has realized what Stevie has been up to in his time in the bathroom. I
guess everything has worked out for him so far and as a reward for being so
secretive he is finally able to go home and take a shower completely naked. And
the best part”¦without sandals.