With the news late Monday night that Sophomore Center Fab Melo will forgo his junior year as he declared for the NBA draft Syracuse fans took their excitement to the streets.

Fans burned couches, flipped cars, and looted all along Marshall Street as the news spread- all while chanting the 1969 song “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye”. When the Department of Public Safety realized that they were not properly equipped to handle the situation the Syracuse Police Department Riot Squad was called in.
After two hours of confrontation the Riot Squad was able to successfully disperse the crowd with the use of pepper spray and by funneling them into Starbucks.

I caught up with one of the rioters who prefers to remain anonymous. When I asked him “why are you guys so upset?” He responded, “Upset, this is a celebration. We are celebrating the end of an era. Unlike some people I know I actually go to class so I’m rewarding myself”.

Luckily, only one student was hurt during all the commotion. Although, his name has been withheld Police can confirm that he was wearing an orange number 51 shirt during the riot.
If anyone gained anything from this mini-riot it was Manny’s, who in honor of the riot had a buy one get one half off sale and was able to take advantage of the publicity.

I think this party atmosphere is contagious because 700 miles away fans in Lexington, Kentucky joined in the celebration.