Winnie the Pooh couldn’t have said it any better, it sure is
blustery outside. But soon, little cherubs, anthropomorphic stuffed animals and
trees alike will have the joy of a spring day. But outside is only interesting
for so long, children! What to do after a long day of dragon chasing and tree
climbing in the Hundred Acre Wood? Well Christopher Robin’s, Eeyores, and
Ents””have I got a list of delightful videos for you!

Oh, the Places You’ll Go at Burning Man!

(YTP)Simba and Nala go to White Castle

Whatcha talkin bout Willis

(Replay button is on the bottom left)

The Count Censored

Star Size Comparison HD

Benny Lava by Buffalax

What do these fine videos have in common? Only the gifts they
unselfishly fish for all willing to watch, the gift of smiles. I didn’t have to
bear around YouTube for long before these gems nestled warm into my breast. The