At 10:03 PM Eastern Time last night,
freshman Logan Nogouche posted an image macro (picture with overlaid-text) to
the popular social networking site MySpace that once and for all ended the
existence of God debate.

particular image was simply a picture of (Jesus/Richard Dawkins) with an
overlaid (Bible verse/Richard Dawkins quote). However, it was original and
effective enough to make the entirety of Earth’s population (find God/disavow
God). Though some viewers of the image were initially confused or even angry at
the presence of ignorant, mild hate-speech appearing on their Friendster page,
they were eventually won over by the sheer brilliance of one hastily thrown
together .jpeg that someone found at the bottom of (r/Christianity/r/atheism)
weeks ago.

had been (raised Christian my whole life/a skeptic my whole life). But when I
see all those 240 x 780 pixels in one place on my profile page on (Christian, my whole belief system was instantly changed
to agree with the person who posted the picture,” Nine-year-old severe head
trauma patient Wil Khalifa said.

impressed by the speed his influence, original poster Nogouche isn’t at all
surprised by the effectiveness of his message.

first I was worried that I was simply pandering to the four people who share my
embarrassingly limited knowledge of beliefs that I don’t personally hold and
that I’d look like an archaic jackass to everyone else. But then I got over
it,” Nogouche said.

as this feat of a (modern day prophet/smug Isaac Newton wannabe) was, critics
have argued that the worldwide change of faith overshadowed Facebook’s arguably
more impressive feat: curing cancer.

we needed to finally end this terrible disease was 1,000 likes on a random
personal anecdote that is well known copypasta from 1990’s chain emails,” Humanitarian
and Not On Our Watch co-author Don
Cheadle said.