Since announcing his candidacy for President, Sean “Jay-Z” Carter’s campaign has remained dormant. Today, Mr. Carter has come out with his main reasons for choosing to run for President and where he stands on many important issues that polarize the United States.

“What you eat don’t make me shit,” Mr. Carter said. It is believed that this statement was meant to demonstrate that he wants those to do as they please as long as they are not hurting others. This stance is particularly poignant on social policies, especially considering the sometimes toxic environment issues like gay marriage and abortion can create.

“A policy structure based on appeasement of the American people is a risky one,” Samuel Croc, political analyst said. “It may alienate many of the stronger willed voters.”

His economic policies were harder to decipher, though analysts believe they have gotten to the crux of his argument. It is unclear whether Mr. Carter is being purposefully vague or if he really has no idea what he’s doing.

“I wish I could give you this feeling,” Mr. Carter said. “I’m planking on a million.”

According to numerous economic analysts, he is promoting a plan similar to Mr. Obama’s, in which the economy is built back up from the middle class as opposed to from the top down. This statement also speaks to his views on health care, where he again appears to advocate for a similar plan to Mr. Obama’s.

Mr. Carter’s running mate, Kanye West, held his silence until Mr. Carter spoke, and his answers were equally, if not more conspicuous than Mr. Carter’s. He was unwillingly to speak officially on any issues at all.

“What would Hova do?” Mr. West said. He repeated this answer multiple times to a bevy of questions.

When Mr. West was pressed for more specific information, he remained militantly determined to say nothing of much value.

“Jay is chillin’ (sic), ‘Ye (sic) is chillin’ (sic),” he said. “What more can I say?”

Mr. Carter and Mr. West have scheduled a press conference in the near future, though the date has currently not been disclosed.