Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o has recently come under fire since it was discovered that his late girlfriend, Lennay Kekua, never actually existed. In spite of the allegations and subsequent media frenzy, one group has surprisingly and publicly come out in support of Te’o: the gay community.

The gay community has come out publicly in its support of Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o.

The gay community has come out publicly in its support of Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o.

“So what, he made up his girlfriend? That sounds like my adolesence.” Clifford Wright, an openly gay luxury dog house architect from San Francisco said. “Ask any gay guy, and most of us will tell you that at some time or another, we’ve done the exact same thing.”

Only a week ago, if one were to search the web for “Manti Te’o,” game stats, sports blogs and fanpages would have been the first several hundred results. Now, “We’re Moony for Manti” and “Just a Little White Lie From a Big Brown Guy” are two of the many Pro-Te’o pages that have cropped up on various platforms of social media in the past day, run by gay men defending the All-American linebacker.

Annonymous blogger down4dickzzz defended the college athlete on the Te’o fan page “Men for Manti.

“He’s a football player at Notre Dame. There is no difference between that school and a Catholic church, except it might be a little drunker, and its women can speak, sometimes. I don’t no wonder he made up a fake girlfriend. They’d probably exorcise him or let a priest spank him if they knew the truth, and not in the good way.”

A recent study published by the Center for Gay Men’s Health in Montpelier, Vermont, revealed that as many as 67% of all gay men have lied to friends and family at some point in their lives about the existence of a girlfriend, in order to hide their true sexual orientation.

Bryan Krantz, a 39 year old colon specialist from Portland shared his own perspective on the matter:

“My mother is 84 and has no idea I’m gay. She still thinks there’s a cure to homosexuality, for God’s sake. ‘Bryan,’ she said to me while we were watching Ryan Seacrest interview a contestant on American Idol, ‘if they can cure polio, they can cure the gays.’ How well do YOU think she’d take it if she found out that Lindsay, the generic, blonde marine biologist I told her I’ve been in a long distance relationship with since med school is actually just some random woman I found on Google?”

The story of  Lennay Kekua has been gaining more attention with every passing hour, and as the media grows more critical, the gay community’s support of Te’o, too, seems to grow.

“The fact that everyone is getting so worked up about a made up girlfriend is a little ridiculous, if you ask me,” Simon Fink, a beauty pageant coach from NYC said. “We don’t know why he did it. Maybe he was lonely. Maybe he wasn’t ready for a relationship and wanted to be left alone. Maybe he was tired of his mother’s incessant nagging, constantly asking him why he never brings home any nice girls and goes on so many extended vacations with his close male friends to tropical getaways. We just don’t know and it’s not fair for anyone to judge him. I’m behind you one hundred percent, Manti. RIGHT behind you.”

Though Te’o’s motives for inventing  Lennay Kekua remain a mystery, one thing is clear: the gay community will stand by him, whatever they come out, or he comes out, to be.