It truly was an incredible event. At the Cornell Club on June 9th the University held a reunion for the 1931 Graduating Class called the “Spirit of ’31.” Two alumna were honored at the event. Laible Tallmadge and Rosemary Hunt Todd of the class of
1931. Although 28 others are still alive they were unable to attend due to prior commitments at their local Rec Centers.

CBS news, “Even as people are living longer, this class boggles the mind: 30 members are still alive. No coincidence they were dubbed “The
Thirty-Wonders” decades ago.”

That is not a coincidence, Harold Camping predicted it…

The Class of 2006 was also in attendance and were curious at the secrets that the two centenarians had to live long and healthy lives…this leads CampusBasement to its new segment called ‘Real Tips from Real Alumni!’

Real Tips From Real Alumni:
1. Todd’s daughter gave a tip that helped keep her mother and other drivers alive all these years. “We finally took her keys away”
2. And additionally to keep her joints active and her heart rate pumpin’ “She plays bridge once a week”
3. Laible on the other hand “never smoked, and the only regular
exercise she got was climbing up and down the stairs in their home
countless times while raising seven children.” Children are the best cardio.
4. Both woman boasted that they “Were a Depression class, so our class didn’t give as much money. We gave Cornell all our spirit instead.'” Ah yes spirit + state funding is what keeps us running.
5. And a final tip from the oldest woman in the crowd Faith Keane Reichert, Class of 1923, who is an avid Reunion Crasher said that: “She swears by her beer, her cigarettes, and a couple of tablespoons of lemon curd” #bitchknowswhereitsat

Next week Harvard is scheduled to host a Reunion for the Class of 1931. It will be called “Only the Spirits of ’31” seeing as none of the Harvard 1931 class is still alive….