On November 30th, Zaarly had a naked man sell his body on the street corner of CTB to promote the site. Just kidding, but that was what we all thought it was, right guys, right? No. Okay maybe that was just me.

If you ask me what Zaarly is, I could tell you, but it wouldn’t be right….so this is what I copy and pasted from my friends at the company.

The Zaarly Survival Challenge: To spread the word about Zaarly we hosted an event yesterday where we put a student in a “box” (aka a see-through tent) for 12 hours and he had to Zaarly for everything he needed to survive.

Above is a photo of the student “Zaarlying” a spray tan….It’s formal season bitches, gotta get mah orange on.Some students were concerned about where Zaarly Man (as I will now refer to him as) went to the bathroom….

That’s what I call dedication to something no one knows about.

Other items he “Zaarlied” were raspberries (because what says survival like pink fruit), a game of Twister, dance lessons from BASE, a lecture from a professor and a serenade from NBT.

Also the entire Cornell Lax team came by to witness the spectacle and the bros had a romantic candle lit dinner. It’s guy love (if you don’t get that reference I hate you).

The point of this all is that Zaarly is awesome and people need to get on the Zaarly train because the site works best when more people are involved. So if you thought Zaarly was just a way to obtain sexual favors for super cheap you’re just like the rest of us…and you’re wrong. It’s great. DO IT!

Oh and if you still don’t get what it is watch this…

If freshman can do it, so can you.

Students can sign up at www.zaarly.com/u