I know when you read that article in The Sun yesterday ya’ll thought to yourselves…wow this is a great Campusbasement article. But no, you did not pick up the wrong publication. B.o.B did initially refuse to pay his bar tab at Level B.

This is because in society when you’re rich you don’t have to pay for anything. People give you free things and they sometimes even PAY YOU to come to their bars and drink their alcohol. But, not in Ithaca. We don’t believe in societal norms. We feel everyone should pay for what they consume.

Well, B.o.B learned his lesson. Those crazy communists that work at Level B made it so that his tab was paid just equally just as my tab….yes I had a 1K tab at Level B last Wednesday night…what you gonna do about it?

B.o.B’s manager Brian Richardson settled the tab AD MORE! He offered the bar owner $2,000 instead of $1,060. “I just want to
make it right by Level B, and I want the people of Cornell to know
that we’re a class act.”

I always define class in terms of dolla dolla bills. Preferably at least $940.

PS: When I googled B.o.B I mostly got images of Bob Marley ad Spongebob. Unless you’re on par with these celebrities you better pay your tab.