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Article by Nick Ciccone
January 24, 2012

How to Seduce the Elderly

Finding a companion is hard these days. If you’re like me, you probably feel like you’ve tried everything. Holding the door for her, walking her home, watching her undress from outside her bedroom window. You know, romance. But sometimes chivalry isn’t enough, gents. Nowadays, women care about ridiculous qualities like, “Will my parents like him?”... MORE »

Article by Splattsburghian
January 3, 2012

Plattsburgh’s Famous Alumni

Every university has their claim to fame graduate, an alumni that has put their college on the map. Sure Ivy League schools like Harvard, Yale and Princeton have prestigious graduates who have occupied the office of the presidency, drafted prolific literature and genuinely shaped the world in which we live. Yet how many of those... MORE »

Picture by Anonymous
December 3, 2011

An Alumni Computer Screen During A Syracuse Basketball Game

And, I quote my friend Kaitlin “Having double computer screens is essential on game days..” MORE »

Article by apost
June 10, 2011

Cornell Holds 80th Class Reunion

It truly was an incredible event. At the Cornell Club on June 9th the University held a reunion for the 1931 Graduating Class called the “Spirit of ’31.” Two alumna were honored at the event. Laible Tallmadge and Rosemary Hunt Todd of the class of 1931. Although 28 others are still alive they were unable... MORE »

Article by Rud
April 24, 2011

Year Ending; Seniors Refuse to Leave

Forget freshmen overcrowding causing an SU housing crisis; we have bigger problems on our hands. Syracuse University’s senior class has made a collective decision to stay at Syracuse as long as they can. “At first I was all excited to leave..and by at first, I mean when I was like a sophomore. But then I realized... MORE »

Article by jwoww
April 19, 2011

Things I Wish I Knew Before I Came to College: Cornell Days Edition

Today marked the end of my favorite time of the year (no, not steak and a blowjob day): Cornell Days. And as I found myself pulling overenthusiastic completely bullshit lies out of my ass to please the shining new faces of the Class of 2015 and their parents, I thought, “fuck, I’m old.” I also... MORE »

Article by Piliour
March 24, 2011

Report: You Will Never Get a Job

It’s almost April, meaning that many students will be graduating in a mere month, attempting to enter the real world filled with real 7:00 wake-ups, real coffee breaks and real sexual harassment lawsuits. Unfortunately, you will never get to experience the joys of hearing that “Not Guilty” verdict because, according to a recent study, you... MORE »

Article by Anonymous
November 19, 2010

SU Alumni Author Will Tell You How To Fail!

Forget those self-help guides, Aaron Goldfarb wants to tell you how to epically fail. Aaron is an SU alum, class of 2001, and he’s coming back to ‘Cuse this weekend with his satirical novel about misadventures, misgivings, and massive mistakes. With hilarious chapters such as How to Fail to Make Your Parents Proud of You,... MORE »

Article by Syracuse Staff
October 16, 2010

Week in Review

Senior vice president and dean of student affairs Thomas Wolfe sent out an e-mail to Syracuse University students this week reminding them to be sensitive, thoughtful and respectful in choosing Halloween costumes. He added that sexy nurses could offend those in the medical field, sexy pirates could be insensitive to terrorists on the coast of... MORE »