The only place where the real estate market never feels the economic troubles of the country is Collegetown, Ithaca NY.  I am pretty sure this has something to do with economics…supply and demand I assume. But, don’t quote me on that.

There are many issues though that come with the real estate market in Ithaca. One of these issues is the fact that realtors can charge basically as much as they want for an apartment because it is right above Starbucks, or the elevator leading to your apartment smells like pizza. Yum, the glories of living above CTP. The worst priced apartments have to be 312 apartments. That ish costs over $1,000 dollars a month. This is Ithaca buddy, we’re Ivy League, you can’t take advantage of us like this….oh wait….people are willingly living there. #awkward.

But the real problem being addressed here is the NY Tech Campus. No? Wrong article. The real problem being addressed here is the fact that people need to sign their leases for their apartments or houses for next year RIGHT NOW! And if you haven’t signed it yet well then better blow up an air mattress and create a Facebook Marketplace Ad because you are homeless honey.

In recent discussions with sophomores I heard people say things like, “I used to have friends. Then we started looking for a place to live, now I’m looking for a one bedroom.”

“I am trying to find an apartment with room for 8 people, 2 kitchens and preferably 4 bathrooms. On College Avenue. Near the bars. Why is this not working out for me?”

This is when someone should tell you to give up child. And this person who told you will be a large black woman with a southern accent.

“I’m just going to live in my frat house for the rest of my life…I mean the next 3 years. It’s just easier that way. I don’t need this kind of pressure especially on a Sunday.”

Ah yes, the good life. Living in your own and other people’s filth. I wish I had a penis….

“I live in my sorority house now and my best friends and I are all going to live together next year!”

Little does she know 3 months after she signs that lease they won’t be friends anymore.

You learn a lot about your friends during the housing process, but most of all you learn a lot about yourself. And in the end you learn that you are basically signing a document that could potentially ruin your life.