Do you often feel overwhelmed because you are taking too many credits? Do you just go to other classes to just acquire more knowledge? No, I’m pretty sure you and I both don’t. That isn’t the case with junior Megan Kim of the engineering school, who was suspended from Cornell for attending too many classes that she wasn’t even enrolled in.

It all started when Kim took a prelim in AEM’s Intro to Business Management with Pedro. When students were returned their tests, she was not given hers, and then subsequently went to Pedro to see why she didn’t receive hers. Pedro said she was not enrolled and said that it couldn’t happen again.

That’s when incident number 2 occurred. Kim was caught doing the same exact thing in Intro to American Government with Professor Theodore Lowi. Unlike Pedro, Lowi reported it, and it led her to suspension.

After extensive research on the matter, Cornell’s academic board found out that Kim was enrolled in 24 credits, yet she was attending 4 other classes and taking all of the information. “I wanted to be able to take every class and absorb as much information as possible in the 4 years I have here. None of the AEM or government classes would count towards my requirements, so I did the best I could to learn as much as possible in my short time in each class,” said Kim on the matter.

Cornell released a statement on her suspension saying “If you don’t pay, you aren’t learning today.” Kim’s suspension will last until the end of spring break, which doesn’t seem like a big deal to you and me, but she was enrolled in 3 special spring break classes and this is devastating to her. “I just want to pursue knowledge, but unfortunately Corne will not allow me to,” claimed Kim. The moral of the story is do not overload on your classes because they may force you to pay for the extra ones.