What some people thought was an April Fools joke at Cornell University was actually reality! Oprah was at Cornell. But, how did nobody know about her arrival, her stay or her departure? If anyone could pull off a magic trick like this it is David Blaine.

Yes, Cornellians that is right. Cornell Administrators paid David Blaine upwards of $1.5M to hide Oprah from everyone (except apparently one person who was able to snag the quality blackberry photo featured in this article – an iPhone would never take such a shitty quality photo). The money was donated to the university by Charles Feeney ’56, Tom Cruise and Oprah’s BFF Gayle King.

Oprah wanted to come to Ithaca to show support for the South African students she sponsors who were at Cornell University for the annual Model U.N. weekend. But, obviously did not want to be seen or heard. When she arrive she was immediately locked up in a closet on the Arts Quad and was not let out until the weekend was over when she disappeared without even being discussed on Facebook. She was replaced around campus by doves.

Then two days after she left The Cornell Daily Sun wrote a full page, front cover article about Oprah’s stay at Cornell.