The relationship between the undergraduate student body and the office of Interfraternity affairs has been nothing short of tumultuous, however the statement published by the office last night has sent the undergraduate body into an uproar.

 Students around campus are simply dumbstruck upon learning that one must be 21 to drink alcohol legally in the New York State. 

The rules and regulations being imposed on students, ranging from dry rush to limitations on open  house parties have been causing plenty of debate around campus, however no other statements have proven to create this much buzz. Freshman Jeff Weis stated “I had no idea it was illegal to drink alcohol, this must be some sort of joke”.   

The statement released last night cites both New York State and Ithaca Municipal Law. When told that drinking was illegal sophomore Nick Trestle stated “Do you mean like, Jail illegal, or school policy illegal”, when told that drinking was illegal according to New York State Law Nick stated “How is that even possible, so your saying every time I chug a keystone I’m breaking the law, that stuff tastes like horse piss, are you saying drinking horse piss is illegal?

Those suffering the biggest shock were fraternity members themselves.

 Cornell’s Greek community has put up an enormous effort into fighting the new impositions, however after learning the legality of underage drinking, many are recanting their initial arguments.  An anonymous member of the IFC stated, “At first we thought the regulations were ludicrous, I mean, preventing college students from getting their hands on alcohol is outrageous, however, now knowing that alcohol is illegal for most freshman and sophomores, the university is completely in the right.” 

That quote also published in the Cornell Daily Sun was responded to by Dean Travis Apgar’s office in a biting statement, “I told you so”.