So, in celebration of me finishing my classes (read: me skipping my last classes today because it’s kind of nice out and I really don’t care about them), I thought I’d do something productive with my day besides playing video games/day-drinking (actually I’m already doing that) by putting up some songs for you to start your pre-slope day party with. And no, I’m not going to put up songs by Ra Ra Riot! or the Cool Kids or Nelly because if you don’t know who these artists are by now then you are kind of an idiot. Anyways, here are some sweet songs that will be sure to make your morning a little more fun…

First and foremost, here is a song called Roll Around by Rock City ft. Flo-Rida. It’s a pretty classic Flo-Rida song with the duo of Rock City taking over the hook and Flo-Rida killing the verses, and is a perfect slope day banger:
Next I have an aptly name song for you called Party All Day by DJ Snake. This is an electro song that will be sure to help you in your day-long drunken quest of not passing out on the slope (it’s actually quite the accomplishment)
Below is a song called Celebrate Life by Kato ft. Jeremy Carr. This is another electro beat that, when it drops, will be sure to make ladies shake their poopers to the beat:
This next song is one that has been floating around the intrawebs for the past couple weeks under the guise of the title ID, but Avicii just released the fully edited version of this song and it is actually titled Levels. For those of you who hate long intros, the song doesn’t really drop until 1:05, but you will be rewarded for your patience as this song is incredible.
The following songs are still good songs, but they just didn’t really fit in the category of slope day banger as the 4 previous songs did. I still love them, just probably won’t be listening to them like I will the above songs tomorrow morning
First is a song Click Clack Away by Diggy ft. Bruno Mars. Bruno kills the hook as is expected, and Diggy lays down some sweet verses to fill out the song
Next is a song by The Dean’s List called Dear Professor. This song has been out for a couple weeks now, and I would’ve put it up last week but I lost it in my Itunes till about 4 days ago. It’s pretty ill.
Finally, here is the LaTourette remix to Something A La Mode’s song 5 AM. LaTourette really puts down a good electro remix to this song, and although it’s not so much of a dance beat, it’s good.
So that’ll do it for this music post as I am gonna go hang out outside and enjoy the few days of sunlight we get here in Shithaca. Have a good day on the slope, and feel free to say hi to me if you find me – I’ll be the drunk kid running around in a pinnie that says shake your cockfeather