After over 100 hours of straight snow fall, students were left with the a series of unfortunate details: cars completely buried on even sides of the street, sidewalks submerged, undrive-able roads for the commuters, and more snow than anyone wanted to deal with. Buses running on campus had stopped altogether- either electing to stop running or ending up in ditches. With sidewalks that took baby steps to walk on for fear of slipping on the icy pavement, students across campus had to wonder: when will they cancel class?

“Surely they will.”
“Of course, they have to – have they seen the roads?”
“There is no way we could have classes…”

And yet, no formal announcement of canceling class would come. Students appeared confused over the week, as they could see the Syracuse city plows being unable to compete with the snowfall amount – a city nationally recognized for its annual snowage (yes, I made that word up).

In response to the University’s lack of response, students collectively took it upon themselves to stop attending the remainder of classes this semester. Confronted with heavy schedules for the week and the 23 feet of snow to combat, students decided their time would be better off spent not in class.

“Why go to last lectures anyway? To do course evals? Not in this weather,” says senior hospitality major Lynn Mathis.

“They should have canceled class,” sophomore sports management major Ryan Chase says. “But they didn’t for some reason, so I’m just doing what they should have done.”

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