This week was a doozy for Syracuse. We had a snowstorm earlier in the week, a beautiful day for a picnic mid-week, and it is most likely going to snow this weekend. This is just classic Syracuse!

Usually students don’t care much about the weather changing, but something was different this week. The first student to become extremely aggravated was freshman Jackie Kessler. Her mom bought her new snow boots right after the storm last week, and they came in the mail on Wednesday. “I didn’t even get to wear them because it was so nice out,” said Kessler, “They were really cute Ugg snow boots with a faux fur trim.”

The second student to be outraged was Kelly Crawford. She bought Sperrys just for when it was a sunshine day at Syracuse. Crawford apparently wore the boat shoes on Wednesday, and attempted to wear them on Thursday only to be derailed by the rain. “I have a fucking water stain on my shoes now, you’re not supposed to get these wet,” exclaimed Crawford.

Many fashion-forward students have similar anger to these two girls. Snap-backs got ruined in the rain, fur earmuffs were wasted, and Toms were soaked! Why can’t Syracuse stop being such a drama queen and pick a weather condition!

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