Last week I wrote an article about my personal favorite
student organization on campus, the Detective Club.  But that was before I heard of HIP>$=SU otherwise known as Syracuse University’s largest
hipster organization. You’ve probably never heard of HIP>$=SU because according to one member who denied being a part
of any organization “its like really, cool, were just leading the curve, you
know doing hipster things”. 

of the contributions HIP>$=SU has
made to campus are helping the environment by riding their fixed gear bikes. That’s
about it.

was very much intrigued by this club so I tried to go undercover and join. But
I guess I didn’t make a very good vibe with the Hipsters because when I tried
finding out where they meet I kept getting the response that “its in an old
warehouse in a really obscure place you’ve probably never heard of”. So one day
I followed a student on a fixed bike and after a short ride he lead me to a
neighborhood in Syracuse I have never heard of called NoEB (I believe it stands
for North of Erie Boulevard). I decided that I would follow this same student
next week but this time I’ll enter the club.

fit in with the hipsters, I had to dress like them so I put on my big framed
glasses and my skinny jeans and went to the salvation army to get a
hipster-feel too tight t-shirt.

a week past and I went to the meeting and I would tell you about it. But
frankly, we just talked about a lot of bands you’ve probably never heard about
so there would be no use of me telling you. And As I came back to my dorm room,
my roommate says to me “wow you actually do look like a hipster with those
glasses”. And to that I responded “I actually had theses glasses before they
became cool”. OH SHIT the hipsters had gotten to me.

after all this research the members of HIP>$=SU
still won’t tell me the abbreviation stands for, as I don’t posses enough
hipster qualities