A recent scandal has surfaced around Syracuse University’s basketball team. The reason for their string of losses has been attributed to a team conflict that sprung up in the middle of the season.

“Well, we realized that Rick (Jackson) was the only senior this year, so we were like, ‘oh hey, we can do pretty much anything and he’ll be the one who gets blamed for it,’ because he’s supposed to set a good example and junk.” an anonymous SU player said. Allegedly, the underclassmen players began blackmailing Jackson into doing their homework, laundry and tax returns. Jackson played along with their demands for a while at the beginning of the season, but grew tired of their demands, resulting in several Big East conference losses.
“We were like, ‘well if you’re not going to scratch our backs, (figuratively) then we won’t scratch yours.” So we threw the games, which resulted in more practices and more laundry; so more work for him in the long run.” the SU player admits.
“When Coach Boeheim found out, we were all pretty terrified. I mean, I really thought we would all get kicked off the team. Instead he just got really mad at Jackson for not controlling us.” Since the uncovering of the controversy, Syracuse’s Big East play has improved exponentially. Unfortunately, there is still some tension between team members.
“Not cool, guys.” Jackson was quoted as saying.