Street parking makes you want to kill yourself in the inevitable
difficulty in finding parking spaces and refraining from getting
ticketed for not moving your car to the opposite side of the street soon
enough. Parking in lots and garages is a total scam though
you will probably total the worth of a garage permit in the amount of
tickets you pay while parking on the street. Basketball games make you
want to kill yourself as the Sheraton jacks up parking to $20 and the
university closes off slots otherwise usually
open. And let’s not even get started about how much shittier parking
got on Marshall St thanks to the water main breaking…

We’ll never know who wrote the code for or who comes up with the
shittily designed SU emails, but they should be fired. As should the
people who developed AirOrangeX. If I have to download one more
fucking policy key, I’m going to find a way to
crash the whole system.

Pointless SUIDs

You lose yours. Five times. You have to replace it. Five times. You’re
now in debt $125. Why? What does that ID get you? Nothing. Besides an
occasional discount at some movie theaters, your SUID can’t even swipe
you into academic buildings at night. Because
clearly, SU loves making us wait outside Whitman in -5 degree weather
while we try to unsuccessfully swipe in with those godforsaken IDs.