In Part 1 we went over some of the stereotypical roommates you may find/have found yourself living with during your freshman year here at SU. We’ll continue the discussion below.

The Druggie

Breakdown: We’re not talking about the occasional trip to the graveyard for a bowl-pack here. No, The Druggie is in a whole other class. He/she probably started using in high school, and has somehow figured out a way to be a semi-effective student despite their frequently f*cked-up state.

What to Expect: The Druggie naturally seeks out other Druggies, so you will undoubtedly get to meet a great deal more of these kids than you would ever normally choose to. Besides that, expect The Druggie to keep mostly to him or herself, and if you do the same you should get along just fine. Oh, and there’s no need to worry about getting busted in your dormroom for any of their illegal activities. Any skilled Druggie knows exactly what they can and cannot get away with, and you’re far more likely to get written up for the sound of a ping-pong ball than for anything The Druggie is doing.

The Emotional One

Breakdown: The Emotional One doesn’t even give college a chance. He/she misses their family, misses their friends from home, misses their high school sweetheart, misses their cat, etc. They often skip classes and rarely go out on weekends, instead choosing to wallow in their own misery day after day.

What to Expect: If you allow it, The Emotional One may choose to confide all their deepest thoughts and feelings in you, the roommate. While your feigned interest could be enough to lift their spirits briefly, don’t expect any miracles here. The Emotional One likely has always been and will always be just that, overly emotional. Wish them the best, but there’s a solid chance that they’ll be transferring/withdrawing before the end of first semester. The good news is that once they’re gone you can slide the empty bed next to yours and make it king-sized!

The Slob

Breakdown: The Slob comes in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes The Slob is easy to spot (think 250lbs. and dirty sweatpants), while other times you’d never notice them (the tiny, gorgeous girl). Either way, The Slob can be a destructive force worth reckoning with, and the dormroom is always their first victim.

What to Expect: Relations with The Slob will deteriorate pretty quickly once the room begins to look like a war zone. Mounds of dirty clothes and 3-week-old cereal bowls will contribute to a smell that can only be described as moldy farm animals. Invest in an air-freshener or two, and be sure not to invite over anyone you’d like to impress. For extreme circumstances, resort to splitting the room with a strip of tape down the center, and begin counting down the days until freedom!

The International Student

Breakdown: It’s a grab bag here. If you came to college to meet new people then living with The International Student could be a great experience. Then again, they could be a crazy person who never speaks to you in English.

What to Expect: Expect the unexpected in this situation. From the strange taste in food to the crazy sayings you’ve never heard before, The International Student will expose you to an entirely new world. Rapid-fire phone conversations with relatives from home at weird hours of the day will become standard, and you may get a strange feeling that they are talking about you whenever then switch fr